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Maryam Bagheri Reports From ‘Kara Film Studio’ Appearance at IDFA
Dec 04, 2017

Maryam Bagheri Reports From ‘Kara Film Studio’ Appearance at IDFA

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is the most important documentary film festival in the world where selected documentaries are screened. IDFA`s market known as Docs for Sale which also is the world's premiere market for creative documentary cinema, selects a limited number of documentaries out of thousands of applicants each year.  The chosen movies can be accessed for two years by buyers, distributors, broadcasters and any other documentary film-related business.

 This year Maryam Bagheri, the distribution and international manager of ‘Kara Film Studio’ attended the IDFA to represent the two selected documentaries of ‘Mother of the Earth’ by Mahnaz Afzali and ‘Poets of Life’ directed by Shirin Barghnavard. She also met with different distributors, sale agencies and managers of broadcasters  to discuss the possible opportunities for these documentaries.

According to Maryam Bagheri: “At a time when documentaries in relation to war, crisis and immigration problems are more in demand, even though ‘Kara Film Studio’ tries to shine a light on an aspect of Iran that is less seen by the rest of the world which has received a lot of positive feedback from its audience, distributors and television companies. The knowledge that there are individuals who work hard to stand by their values independently, despite the current issues in Iran is great news to those who have never seen this side of Iran.”

She later added: “Introducing ‘Kara Film Studio’ documentary films are not and will never be just about signing contracts. On the contrary, it is about the introduction of a group of people who deserve more attention and respect from the remaining population of the world. What is the mission of an art work other than showing aspects other than those the audience is already familiar with? I hope ‘Karestan’ and other ‘Kara Film Studio’ products make their way to different television channels across the world for people to see a different image of us than they have up until now. 

The International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) took place from November 15 up until 26th of this month.