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“Mother of the Earth” will broadcast on Link TV
Jul 13, 2019

“Mother of the Earth” will broadcast on Link TV

Mother of the Earth” will broadcast on Link TV in early July 2019, as part of their Link Voices series of personal documentaries.

The following are the airdates for the first week. It is likely the program will repeat later in the fall.


-      Friday July 5 at 9:00pm Eastern time (6:00pm Pacific time)

-      Friday July 5 at 9:00pm Pacific time (12:00 midnight Eastern time)

-      Saturday July 6 at 11:00pm Pacific time (2:00am Eastern time)

-      Sunday July 7 at 9:00am Eastern time (6:00am Pacific time)

-     Tuesday July 9 at 12:00pm noon Eastern time (9:00am Pacific time)


Link TV is an independent non-commercial network devoted to national and global issues, available in 34 million U.S. homes receiving satellite television on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410. Select programs stream on our Apple TV, ROKU-TV and YouTube channels. For more information, visit


MOTHER OF THE EARTH looks at Hayedeh Shirzadi and her husband's attempts to put an end to the dumping and burial of urban garbage in their Iranian city. Due to their hard work and ingenuity, 100% of the city of Kermanshah's garbage is now recycled and the bio waste is made into organic fertilizers. Shirzadi studied recycling in Germany. She returned to Iran to clean up the environment, to stop the destruction of arable land, and to curb air and water pollution.