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Screening of Six “Karestan” Films at Cinema Verite Festival
Sep 11, 2017

Screening of Six “Karestan” Films at Cinema Verite Festival


Six documentary films from “Karestan Documentary Film Series” produced by the private sector, Rakhshan Banietemad as Artistic Consultant and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb as Producer, will be screened in the special section of the 10th “International Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival”.

The documentary film “Poets of Life” directed by Shirin Barghnavard (Sunday December 4, at 20:45), “Flax To Fire” directed by Bahram Azimpour (Monday December 5, at 20:45), “Puzzleys” directed by Mehdi Ganji (Tuesday December 6, at 20:45), “MAHAK: A World She Founded” and “Friends at Work” directed by Mohsen Abdolvahab (Wednesday December 7, at 20:45) and “Mother of the Earth” directed by Mahnaz Afzali (Thursday December 8, at 20:45) are the titles that will be screened in the “Karestan” Special Section of the 10th “Cinema Verite Festival” at Auditorium number 5 of Charsoo Cineplex in Tehran.

It is worth noting that the aim of “Karestan” is to record and re-count the efforts by those who, while facing many challenges, have been able to give a dignified meaning to work. Through recording and passing of their knowledge and experiences, we can provide valuable role models for the whole society and especially for the youth.