New Page: Documentary Photography Masterclass

Director: Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Mehdi Ganji

Documentary | 180 Mins


New Page with “Nasrollah Kasraian”

12 Lessons on Documentary Photography


Nasrollah Kasraian, a photographer and translator, discusses his experiences in photography, particularly documentary photography, on “New Page”. Being recognized as the father of ethnographic photography in Iran, in this educational course, he talks about the impact of a photographer's worldview on their work, research in photography, ethnographic photography and cultural anthropology, maintaining the photographer's independence in their work, and ethics in photography.

Self-commissioned work, how to approach a subject and gain the subject's trust, characteristics of a good photograph, suitable time and angle for photography, photography with the simplest tools, travel etiquette for photography, and more are among the lessons taught in this course.

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Directors: Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Mehdi Ganji/ Project Investor and Advisor: Pejman Danaei/ Researcher: Hadis Rahmani/ Art Director: Amir Esbati / Editor: Hamila Moayed/ Cinematography Director: Mohammad Haddadi/ Sound Recordist: Farid Pirayesh/ Music: Reza Mortazavi/ Sound Designer and Mixer: Amirhossein Ghasemi/ Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Siamak Purjabbar/ Motion Graphics: Mohammad Taheri/ Image Coloring: Hamidreza Fatourechian, Borna Jamshidi (Zedenoor Studio)/ Trailer: Hamila Moayed/ Photography: Mitra Mahasani/ Line Producer: Sadaf Sadeghianpour/ Assistant Directors: Sadaf Sadeghianpour, Hadis Rahmani/ Camera Crew: Saeed Goodarzi, Emad Arad, Araz Razz, Ebrahim Mirzaei/ Assistant Stage Managers: Hedieh Idloo, Mohammad Asgharpour/ Assistant Editor: Mehrnoush Vesali/ Assistant Sound Designer: Mahoor Mirshakkak/ Production Manager: Sonia Farhaddabadi/ Producer: Mojtaba Mirtahmasb/ Produced at: “Kara Film Studio”


Introduction of the Course Instructor, Nasrollah Kasraian

Nasrollah Kasraian, born in March 1944 in Khorramabad, holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Tehran. He began photography experimentally in the mid-1960s and from the early 1970s focused on photographing various Iranian ethnic groups, showcasing cultural diversity, traditions, ways of life, and lifestyles of people from different regions of the country. He attributes his professional career's initiation to factors such as his familiarity and marriage to Ziba Arshi (a sociologist and ethnographer), along with his travels to Europe and observation of photography books that focused on a single theme. Over five decades of professional work, Kasraian has traveled over three and a half million kilometers to different parts of Iran and the world, capturing the lives of people. He is referred to as the father of ethnographic photography in Iran. In addition to photography, Kasraian has translated various books into Persian, with his latest translation being "What a Lovely Nasty Time" which includes two volumes of Charles Bukowski's poetry.

Life, From childhood, Our land Iran, The Endless Travel, Turkmens of Iran, Damavand, Isfahan, Kurds of Iran, Iranian Nomads, Persepolis, Tehran, North, South, Three-volume series of Notes: Door and the Window/ Notes: Desert/ Notes: Boat, Abiyaneh, Baluchestan, Masouleh, Iranian Architecture, Pause, By the Side, Transition, Iranian Deserts, Qashqais, and more are among Nasrollah Kasraian's photography books. Many of these books are co-authored with Ziba Arshi.

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