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Hossein Akbari

Hossein Akbari

Hossein Akbari continued his education and received M.S in Industrial Engineering from Sharif and Tehran Universities. In 2001, together with some of his friends, he established Aryana Industrial & Research Group. The group’s activities are offering consultation, instruction and publication services to management. Subsequently, 4 companies, a publication company, and a higher education institute were born out of this group. After 14 years, this group is now turned into the largest private group in management services. Through organizing over 50 international conferences in the field of management, publication and publishing around 100 textbooks as well as conducting several researches, Aryana has been serving towards upgrading management knowledge and culture in business entities and public sector organizations. Since 2014, through establishing Entrepreneurship Accelerator, Aryana has entered the development of Internet-based startups of which Classmate Application as its first output is now the most popular infra-structural tool for virtual instruction.

Since 2009 and as a side investment, the ownership and management of Shilla Chain Restaurants was carried out by him, and through development and improvement of its business model currently around 300 employees are working in 18 branches and the production section of this company.

In the field of corporate governance, Hossein Akbari has started his activities since 1997 on the founding board as well as on the Board of Directors at Iranian Association for Industrial Engineering, and joined Central Committee of the Confederation of Industry as a member, and has been working with this body as deputy president of its Central Council for the past 5 years.

Teaching Strategic Management and translating the books “Dance of Change” and “Strategy Maps” are among his undertakings in the specialized field of management.