Hayedeh Shirzadi

Hayedeh Shirzadi

Founder and managing director, “Kermanshah Materials Recycling and Organic Fertilizer Production Company”

Field: Environment

Born: 1959, Gilane-Gharb

Blending knowledge of agriculture with the environment, first to carry out waste recycling project in the country in Kermanshah by complete abandoning of city waste dumping

Faced with a choice between deprivation and the environment, Dr. Hayedeh Shirzadi picked the latter in order to defeat the former. Shirzadi is not only one of the better entrepreneurs whose waste recycling project in Kermanshah led to complete abandoning of waste dumping: She is an environmental activist and lover.

She was born in a large family in Gilane-Gharb. She studied high school courses out of school and received vocational diploma, and managed to get admitted to study agricultural engineering at Kassel University in Germany where she continued until PhD.

After receiving her PhD in Ecology and with a lot of effort, Shirzadi established “Kermanshah Materials Recycling and Organic Fertilizer Production Company” where they blend agriculture and respect for nature to develop clean and healthy agriculture in addition to cleaning the environment. Currently, this company carries out consultation, research and executive projects in around 56 towns and 2000 villages, and has provided jobs for 700 people.