G.Reza Rasoulian

G.Reza Rasoulian

Founder and managing director, “Tabarestan Steel Foundry”

Field: Industry

Born: 1952, Tehran

Reza Rasoulian was one of the young graduates from Sharif University of Technology, who along with 12 other classmates from university started up Tabarestan Steel Foundry in 1982 with the vision of industrial development and national independence. Even though this company faced a lot of ups and downs on its path to taking shape and development, but it eventually could stand on its feet. Today this company owns 12 plants in Sari, Shiraz, and Ghaemshahr among other cities under its management in which difficult and complicated parts are being manufactured without concern about high manufacturing and research costs. Thanks to his high public relations skills and his power of influencing and mediation as well as dedication, Rasoulian has managed to hold the group together in spite of all the ups and downs, and has been able to preserve one of the longest-lasting stock companies with several subdivisions that are working on the path toward self-sufficiency.