Hey Humans

Someone is Crying out, hoping for help

Director: Rakhshan Banietemad

Documentary | 66 Mins


Through the charity organization, "Chain of Hope", a team of volunteer Iranian and French medical doctors treat underprivileged child patients from all over Iran in three branches of cardiac, orthopedics and rehabilitation to the highest standards.


Director: Rakhshan Banietemad / Researcher & Editor: Shirin Barghnavard / Cinematographers: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah, Mohammad Hadadi / Sound Recordists: Yadollah Nafafi Rashid Daneh / Sound Designer: Ensieh Maleki / Composer: Siamak kalantari / Song performer: Haana Kamkar / Color Grading: Hamidreza Fatourehchian, Sindokht Rahimian / Production Manager: Abed Nicpoo / Still Photographer: Abbas Kowsari / Credits Designer: Amir Esbati / Graphic Designer: Shirin Afrand

With the participation of child patients, medical team and volunteers at Chain of Hope Institute

Producer: Rakhshan Banietemad

A Product of KARA Film Studio

Technical Info

  • Āy Ādamha
  • 66 min., English & French Subtitle, HD, Color, Iran, 2016
  • Persian, French
  • 16:9 or 1:1.85
  • Stereo + Surround 5.1
  • DCP / Blu-Ray / DVD / H.264 File


  • Venerafilms’s Iranian Women’s Film Festival, 8-21 March 2021

Director's Note

The endless human suffering, far more widespread for the underprivileged.
The role that volunteer organizations play in alleviating this pain and suffering is undeniable.
“Hey Humans” is a tribute to the volunteer Iranian and French medical teams and those compassionate people who, through “Chain of Hope” treat underprivileged child patients.