Shirin Parsi

Shirin Parsi

Founder and Managing Director, “Nokesht Shalikarane Khazar Company”

Field: Agriculture

Born: 1954, Mashhad

Shirin Parsi is chosen as the country-wide exemplary farmer from Gilan. She graduated in the field of French literature from Paris in 1978, and a year later she resided in Gilan together with her husband. In 1996 she decided to permanently reside in the village of Shanderman. Systematizing water use, land clearing and mechanizing agriculture are among the efforts that she has carried out for the first time in the region, and shortly after, other local farmers followed suit. In 2005 she registered her business as “Nokesht Shalikarane Khazar Company” and thus gave legal identity to her business. This is an agricultural-educational services company and is family-run. At present, all steps of cultivation of rice in the farm is being carried out mechanically, giving manpower the least role in production. Innovation in the processes of rice production is among other achievements by this successful lady. She has lately added brown rice to her product range. Alongside her agricultural works and living in the village, Shirin Parsi has continued her social activities, and works as volunteer with a number of guild associations.